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Custom Built Competition Race Headers

Volvo Pro 1800 Bonneville

competition mod header

Custom Pro Modified Header


Custom Chevy Luv
Turbo Pro Modified

Turbo Pro Modified
321 v6 twin turbo

321 Stainless Steel V6 Twin Turbo
custom big block chevy vega

Custom BBC Vega

custom for mike bos narrowed chassis

Custom For Mike Bos Narrow Chassis


V6 Stainless Competition Sandrail

vw stainless

VW Stainless Competition
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Performance Welding Racing Headers will build a competition race header for virtually any race car, boat, or motorcycle. We use the finest materials as with all our competition headers, and build them right on your particular vehicle.

All custom on car jobs are done on an appointment basis. What is required is that you drop the car or boat off early on the business morning and pick it up usually the next business evening giving us two to three working days.

We can discuss how you would like your headers built, where you want your collectors to exit and what you prefer for clearance in certain areas. Or you can let us build you the best possible race header in the amount of room that your vehicle has, again using the widest radius tubing possible to eliminate any sharp bends to extract the most power from your combination.

Unfortunately, on OEM stock front suspension vehicles our competition headers with wide radius tubing will not come out of the vehicle in one piece and require that most of the tubes be placed into the engine compartment individually, then the merged collector is simply slipped on from underneath the car once all the primary tubes are in place, and attached with the supplied collector springs. You will then be given instructions on which tube is placed on the engine first all the way down to the last tube, for future installations and removal.

Generally all Race Boat and Tube Chassis car headers can be removed and installed in a complete header configuration. Cars with OEM stock front suspension require the individual tube method.

On all custom on car or boat jobs, the labor rate is $85.00 per hour plus the charge of all materials. We can give you a rough quote over the phone on most vehicles, but reserve the right to express that each custom job is done on a per hour plus materials basis.

Performance Welding Racing Headers has built some of the finest competition headers right on the customers vehicles, and all of our customers have been overwhelmed with the end result of the finished product.

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